Air Conditioner

Window Type Air ConditionerAir conditioner is an appliance used to cool a room or the indoor air for human comfort. That is why it is also called a “comfort-making-machine.” It filters, disinfect, and dehumidify the air for our cooling.

Different forms of air-conditioning methods are being used to provide cooling to their homes since the dawn of human civilization.

Roman Aqueducts

Ancient Romans utilizes miles and miles long aqueducts, supported by arch-stone bridges to circulate cold water into the walls of their luxurious homes.

Medieval Persia built stone wind catchers on top of their houses to catch wind and to provide cool air that circulate into their homes.

Persian Wind Catcher Chinese inventor Ding Huan of Han Dynasty invented manually-powered seven-leaf fan with a diameter of 3 meters to cool the rooms in the imperial palace.

Electrical air conditioning was invented in 1902 by Willies Haviland Carrier, since then large scale production has began..
Refrigeration Cycle

The Basic Refrigeration Cycle
The low pressure refrigerant gas from evaporator enters the compressor, and it is being compressed at high speed, the high pressure and high temperature gas refrigerant enters the condenser unit. Heat is released into the atmosphere, condensation takes place and the gas refrigerant turns into liquid refrigerant. It then passes through an expansion valve, where the volume of the liquid refrigerant is being controlled, and enters into the evaporator at low pressure and at low temperature. The heat inside the the room is being absorbed by the evaporator and the refrigerant boils and turns into gas. It now returns to the compressor where the whole cycle repeats itself again.

There are many types of airconditioner available now-a-days for you to choose from, and to have someone service our airconditioner unit is very expensive; it is a good practice to have a planned periodic preventive maintenance ahead of us. With some knowledge of the components, and some know how on trouble shooting, and with some basic tools at home, you can even do the repair yourself.

Today, air conditioner have improved our lives significantly, and they can be found in our homes, in our cars, in buses, and almost every business establishments, hospitals and factories.

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