How I Found SBI!

SBIAfter I retired from being a service engineer for a German company, life became stagnant, and is moving very slow; the days are long and there was practically nothing to do; but outside my house, everything is moving very fast. I can feel that my fast forward life had came to a sudden halt.


I continued installing and commissioning air conditioners locally, repairing refrigerators and freezers, but it wasn't the same anymore. I have the feeling that I was slipping away, and found myself less useful to the people around me. I have nothing to do, and don't know what to do tomorrow.

Alexa RankingI bought internet programs one after another, trying to put up a site that is helpful and fruitful, but they are all a failure. I was disappointed, and one day, I stumbled upon a program called SiteBuildIt!. After viewing the short video by Dr. Ken Evoy, immediately I felt like this is the right program for me. Sure, I found some criticisms. But as it turns out, the Site Build It scam was a lie put on by competitors.

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The program was very easy to understand, and mind you, you can build your site in just one sitting. I studied the offer very deeply, because I don't want to make mistakes anymore; and finally, in November 17, 2009, I cast in my vote, and bought SBI! program.

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After downloading the program, I found the "Action Guide" very easy to read; simple English even a high school student can understand. It was the kind of program for those who are aspiring to make a site of their own in the internet, either for passion or business must have. The program provides me all the tools I need to make a successful site.

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It makes me understand the CTPM (Content, Traffic, PreSelling, and Monetization) process; how to make a site template that is simple; how to write contents with passion, so that I can provide information that is useful to my readers. The program also explained to me on how to make it to the top 1% of the Alexa ranking; and introduced me to the different monetization models, which I am building now.

I encourage you to buy Solo Build It!, you will not regret your small investment. After I finish tweaking with my site, I will buy many more Solo Build It! programs in the near future. Good luck and I hope to receive an email from you in the near future saying that you are on your way in building your first Solo Build It! site.

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