DC-air-conditioner uses direct current components to power the air conditioners. The power source can be from banks of batteries, or from solar panels. Direct current appliances are becoming more and more popular this days, because it does not use the household electricity to operate them.

As the supply of fossil fuel is getting scarcer every day, and fuel cost sky rocketing, refrigeration engineers are shifting to alternative energy source and direct current appliances. They have developed the solar cell, and made it into solar panels, and installed it on top of the roof to convert the heat of the sun into direct current.

The main difference between a DC air conditioner from the conventional air conditioner is the use of DC compressor motor and DC fan motors and its electrical components. During operation, this type of air conditioners are very quiet and powerful, and are very efficient also.

The solar panels on the roof converts the heat of the sun into direct current, and it passes through a DC voltage regulator, and routed to the banks of deep-cycle batteries on a basement in the house. The solar panels charged the batteries and provide DC electricity in different outlets of the house.

Inverters are also installed in the house to convert the direct current into alternating current, so that regular appliances can still be plug in. Although Warning signs should be pasted beside the AC electrical outlets so that the user will know the kind of current source available. Systematic planning must be made as far as the electrical supply is concerned.

Home dc-air-conditioners and boat air conditioners are already in the market. Large scale solar panel manufacturing are gaining momentum. Even solar water heater is becoming popular. Whenever you see solar panels on the roof tops, then you know they have direct current appliances.

In the future, men will use alternative energy to power not only their appliances, but also their cars. Large scale developments are going on everywhere in the world, using solar energy to power the grid to our homes are already a reality. Since the source of energy is the sun, it will make our environment more healthy, and maybe someday, the damaged ozone will mend once more.


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