A refrigerator is an appliance that is used to store foods. The compressor removes the heat from the compartment/s and transfers it to the condenser, and the heat is dissipated into the atmosphere.

The temperature inside the lower compartment of the refrigerator is brought to a few degrees above the freezing point, plus 5 degrees Centigrade (41 degrees Fahrenheit) to 10 degrees Centigrade (50 degrees Fahrenheit); since the microbes cannot move at temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-4.2 degrees Centigrade).

The freezer compartment operates at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Centigrade) to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Centigrade). Foods like fish and meat, are frozen in the freezer compartment and can be preserved for up to one month.

The Basic Refrigeration Cycle

Refrigerant gas from evaporator enters the compressor, it is being compressed at high speed; and the high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant gas enters the condenser unit. Heat is dissipated into the atmosphere, and the refrigerant gas turns into liquid refrigerant. It passes through filter/dryer where moisture, small iron particles, and moistures are removed. It flows into the expansion valve, and the volume of the liquid refrigerant is being controlled, or the volume reduced to a spray mist, and enters into the evaporator. Heat in the compartment/s is being absorbed and the liquid refrigerant boils and turns into gas. It now flows to the compressor where the whole cycle repeats itself again.

Modern day single-door and two-door refrigerators have a freezer compartment on the upper side and a cooling compartment on the lower side of the unit. The size of the freezer compartment is usually 1/5 of the cooling compartment.

A fan is installed at the back of the freezer compartment. During operation, the fan forced the air through the evaporator coils, where heat is being absorbed by the refrigerant, and the cold air passing through the evaporator coils is distributed into the freezer and the cooling compartments respectively.

On a two-door no-frost refrigerator, heater is installed between the evaporator coil for defrosting the ice on timed interval. Depending on its model, the timer will stop the compressor's operation for 15 minutes, and turn on the heater for defrosting for 15 minutes; then the heater is turned off and the compressor runs again for 1 to 2 hours. Heating elements can be found on the frame sides to prevent water moisture from forming.

During defrosting, condensate water from the freezer compartment will drain to a pan at the bottom of the freezer, and is guided by a plastic hose into a water collecting pan on top of the compressor. The water cools the compressor and the heat evaporates the water into the atmosphere.

Here are a few refrigerator tips on how to save electriciy: 1) Adjust your thermostat in the middle position during normal operation. 2) Close the door properly, and check the gasket from time to time if it is sealing correctly. 3) Provide at least 3 inches clearance to the wall and the back of your condenser. A good air circulation is important to the operation of the compressor and the heat dissipation of the condenser. 4) Clean unit inside and outside monthly.

Don't use ice pick to chip off the ice in the freezer because we don't want to puncture the evaporator coil. Clean the condenser coils at the back also, so that it will transfer heat better into the atmosphere.

Check the level by placing a leveling gauge on top of the unit. I have seen many slanted to the back which is not necessary thinking that the door/s will close better. Remember the compressor at the back is slanted too, and it will put unnecessary stress to the motor bearings. I always correct the position of a ref when I see one slanted, and check the door hinges plastic bushings for proper door closing.

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