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copper tubes copper tubes copper tubes copper tube
Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 1/8"x50ft.=P480. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 3/16"x50ft.=P600. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 1/4"x50ft.=P696. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 5/16"x50ft.=P900.
copper tubes copper tubes copper tubes rotary
Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 3/8"x50ft.=P1,056. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 1/2"x50ft.=P1,440. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 5/8"x50ft.=P1,776. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.22", 3/4"x50ft.=P2,700.
copper tubes copper tubes copper tubes copper tubes
Copper Tube, Thickness=0.28", 1/4"x20ft.=P1,080. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.28", 3/8"x20ft.=P1,680. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.28", 5/8"x20ft.=P2,160. Copper Tube, Thickness=0.28", 3/4"x20ft.=P2,640.

reciprocating reciprocating reciprocating reciprocating
Matsushita S43 1/8 Hp R-134a =P2,300. Matsushita D57 1/6 Hp R-134a =P2,600. Matsushita D66 1/5 Hp R-134a =P2,600. Matsushita D77 1/4 Hp R-134a =P2,800.
reciprocating rotary rotary rotary
Matsushita D41 1/3 Hp R-134a =P2,800. Matsushita 2P11S3 R236A 3/4 Hp R-22 =P3,900. Matsushita 2P14S3 R236A 1 Hp R-22 =P4,600. Matsushita 2P19S3 R236A 1.5 Hp R-22 =P5,100.
rotary rotary rotary rotary
2P28S3 R236A
2 Hp R-22
2P34S3 R236A
2.5 Hp R-22
NX52 3 Hp

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