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trouble-shooting air conditioner

Electrical Trouble-shooting - We trouble-shoot and repair electrical and electronic board problems. In this picture, the wall split type air conditioner’s compressor will turn on and off abnormally. The owner used to tap the control section of the air handling unit and the compressor will run. But later on it doesn't work anymore. A loose plug to the electronic circuit board was found and the air conditioner’s fault is corrected. The problem did not re-appear anymore.

washing air conditioner

Air conditioner Washing - We also provide cleaning of air conditioner units. In the picture you will see that I was pressure washing window type air conditioners. You can choose between soap-Wash or chemical wash. But if your unit is clogged up badly, we will use chemical wash to rid of the mud and dirt that are obstructing the free air flow to the evaporator and condenser.

air conditioner installation

We install floor standing, wall-split, ceiling-split, and other split type air conditioners for house-hold and business establishments. Our installation and commissioning price is very competitive and our works are very professional. We follow manufacturer’s specifications in installing and commissioning your units so that there will be no back job. We are doing this so that you can sleep well at nights, and we are available 24/7.

Refrigerator repair

We repair your refrigerators like nobody else does. We see to it that every joints we connect are 100% sealed, and will last for years. We re-bore your base plate and install anchor bolts to fit your compressor’s need. We re-process your refrigerator according to manufacturer’s specifications, we see to it that everything is done correctly as if the refrigerators are ours.

Refrigerator repair

We repair your freezers not only to make it working again, we see to it that it is working correctly and efficiently so that your electric bill is not going up but going down. We check your freezers thoroughly for weak seal, worn door hinges, warped doors, defective door catches, poor body insulation, and many others. Try us and you Will see the difference.

If you have any questions regarding air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers, please feel free to call us at our land line telephone number 242-5328 or mobile number 0905-2928618 and we will give you our professional answers immediately; Or you can send us an e-mail. You can also make inquiries on our line of products in refrigeration, we make sure that you only get a fair price and a good service. We are here to serve you.

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