Refrigeration-repair is the isolation of the defective component/s and replacing it with an original one. Repair means to restore. Or replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. Wear and tear in the moving parts of a refrigeration appliance will break down in the long run; and when that happens, repair is necessary.

Any repairs must be carried out by qualified personnel, one equipped with the necessary knowledge in the field of refrigeration, and preferably one who has many years of actual experience, not only repair, but also the knowledge of installing various kinds of refrigeration appliances.

A good technician can pin point where the problem is, and knows exactly what is wrong, and why it is wrong. He can do the job quickly and accurately, with less time and less cost. Saving a lot of money to the owner of the refrigeration appliances.

Our field of discussions will be divided into individual categories, beginning from air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers; and its associated components. As much as possible we include pictures to make our explanations more clearly understandable. Although some topics will be more technical in phrases but we will keep it as simple as possible.

A complete set of refrigeration tools and equipment is a must, and a safe place to do the repairs is necessary. Care and safety should be the priority concern during the performance of the repairs. Keep away from fire hazard substances and the ventilation of the working place must be excellent to avoid inhaling of hazardous gases.

The following subjects will be discussed in detail, they are:

1) Compressor Testing
2) Compressor Replacement
3) Condenser Flushing Procedures
4) Refrigeration Tools
5) Refrigerants
6) Refrigerator Repair

As time moves along, additional subjects will be added to our pages.

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