Condenser Flushing Procedures!

Condenser flushing is necessary if we have encountered internal problems, like a burn compressor; or the coils had been opened for a length of time. Moisture, dust and dirt are already inside the coils.

R-11 has been used more often than other refrigerant. It has good cleaning ability and does not freeze the skin when come into contact.

The molecular formula of R-11 is CCl3F, it has a boiling point of 23.77 degrees Centigrade, and it is not flammable.

1) Prepare the flushing machine. Connect the discharge hose to the top side copper tube, and connect the return hose to the bottom copper tube.

I have made myself a flushing machine using a small 1/4 hp water pump installed on top of a refrigerant tank. Two 3/8" diameter iron tubes was installed into the tank.

The bottom end of the discharge tube is 2 inches above the floor of the tank; and the discharge tube is connected to the suction side of the water pump;

and a 3/8" diameter tube is installed on the discharge side of the water pump. The bottom tube on the cylinder has a filter installed to filter out dirt and iron particles.

2) Operate the flushing machine, the liquid refrigerant R-11 will circulate from the top of the coil and came out from the bottom of the coil.

3) Let it run for 10 to 15 minutes, drain R-11, then turn off the flushing machine. Connect R-12 to the top of the copper tube and purge the coils.

4) Force out the R-11 until it is clear. The remaining moisture inside the coils should come out clean.

Seal the upper copper tube and the lower copper tube with rubber plugs. This rubber plugs are the plugs used in sealing a new compressor.

5) The condenser is now clean internally, and is ready for assembly. Remove the sealing plugs only when assembling the components.

This procedures are applicable to the room air conditioners, auto air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers. Keep your tools and equipment orderly. Do a clean job!

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