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aircon installation aircon repair refrigerator repair freezer repair
We install air conditioners professionally. Please call our telephone numbers and try it today! We repair air conditioners according to manufacturer's specifications. We repair refrigerators according to manufacturer's specifications. We repair freezers according to manufacturer's specifications.

We have more than 18 years of exposure and hands-on on the field of refrigeration installation and repair. If you are planing to buy an air conditioner for your home or your business establishment, and needed a professional installation and commissioning work, call us up at tel. (02)242-5328, or mobile phone no. 0905-2926818 for swift installation. We guarantee our works, so you can sleep well at nights.

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Hermetic Compressors Rotary Compressors Copper Tubing & Accessories Service Tools & Genuine Parts
We carry all types of brand new hermetic compressors for you to choose. We carry all types of brand new rotary compressors for you to choose from. We carry complete listing of copper tubing in stock at competitive prices. We carry complete tools and accessories you need at reasonable prices.

You will get everything you need from us. We will answer your refrigeration questions professionally. With service-in-a-box you get quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Choose one of our business or service solution that you need, and call us for free advice at telephone number 242-5328, or mobile phone number 0905-2928618 or send us your questions.

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