Refrigerator Preventive Maintenance Tips!

Cleaning Refrigerator

Refrigerator Preventive Maintenance - The main objective of a preventive maintenance is to avoid the failure of an appliance, and extend the working life of it. A refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliance in our home. It is working day and night, and 365 days a year without taking a rest. Aside from preserving our foods, It also provided us all the kind of cold drinks we want all the time!

But little attention is given to it. From the time it was delivered to our home, we just plug it in and forget about it, as if it doesn’t exist at all. But when it doesn’t cool the way it used to be, that’s the time we realized that without the refrigerator, our lives will be very much different, and we start to panic!

The following are the recommended steps to be taken in doing the maintenance.

  1. Unplug the ref from the power supply outlet.
  2. Move the ref towards you so that there will be enough space at the back to clean the condenser unit.
  3. Remove all the contents from the freezer compartment and the ref compartment. Put it aside.
  4. Remove all the trays inside the ref compartment. Clean them.
  5. To defrost faster, use a 16 inch electric fan and face the freezer. Turn it on.
  6. Never use any pointed metal or blade in removing the accumulated ice in the freezer compartment. Chances are, you will puncture the evaporator coil, and big trouble is in front of you!
  7. Use a clean wet cloth; wipe the freezer compartment and the door clean. Do the same to the ref compartment, and the door.
  8. Soak the clean cloth in diluted detergent water, remove the excess liquid. Clean the freezer and the ref compartment. Until all the stains and blood are removed.
  9. Clean it with detergent water again until it smells clean and look really clean. Follow it up with final water clean and dry clean.
  10. Get a 3 inch paint brush and brush-clean the condenser at the back of the ref. Remove all the cobwebs and dust which is accumulated onto the coils.
  11. Remove the drain pan above the compressor, and remove the contents, and clean it well. Return the drain pan. Care should be taken when cleaning the area around the compressor. Compressed air is good for this job.
  12. Return all the frozen fish and meat in to the freezer, and the foods, drinks, and vegetable into the ref.
  13. Clean the exterior of the ref. Never use abrasive cloth in doing this job, or you will scratch the beautiful paint. Return the ref to it original place.
  14. Position the thermostat all the way to the maximum, plug the power cord, and run the ref for one day. The next day, adjust the thermostat to the middle position. Don’t forget to do this!
  15. Maintain a record of your periodic maintenance. And put it at the back of your refrigerator.

A monthly preventive maintenance is necessary. Doing it religiously and it will provide us a life long companion of good food and tasty cold drinks all the time!

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