Types of Refrigerator

Single Door RefrigeratorThe following are the different types of refrigerator available in our market today, the "domestic type", Also known as "household model", the "commercial type", and the "solar type".

Domestic Type:
Single door model - It has a single door and can be with no freezer, or with a freezer compartment inside. Sizes can range from 5 cubit feet to 10 cubic feet. It uses R-12 as refrigerant and the newer models are using R-134a. Compressor sizes range from 1/6 horsepower to 1/3 horepower.

2 Door with Water Dispenser Refrigerator

2-door model - no-frost models are more poplular since there is no need to defrost the refrigerator, the heater inside the evaporator coils melt the ice and is drain into the collecting pan on top of the compressor. The water cools the ref and the heat of the compressor evaporates the water into the atmosphere.

French Door Refrigerator

French door model - This model of refrigerator has two door on the upper side and a drawer/door below. The freezer compartment can be one on the bottom door below. Some model have a vegetable and salad chiller on the drawer below. some models come with water dispenser or water and ice dispenser on the upper side of the refrigerator.

Display Reach-in Refrigerator

Commercial Type:
Commercial Refrigerators – This types of refrigerator are more popularly used in the kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops, meat shops, and hotels. The glass door models are subdivided into "Display" and "reach-in" types; and the steel door models are subdivided into "reach-in" and "walk-in" types. It can be a single unit or multiple units joint together side by side depending on the size requirements.

Solar  Refrigerator

Solar Type:
Solar Refrigerators – This type of refrigerator are gaining more and more popularity, because they utilized solar energy to power the unit. Solar panels are installed on the roof, to harness the heat from the sun. The heat is converted into energy and is collected into an array of battery banks. 12 direct current is used to power this type of refrigerators.

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