The Hot Tempered Condenser!

Condenser – Or more popularly known as the air-coils, are heat exchangers for the airconditioning units of homes, refrigerators, freezers, and automotive vehicles.

They are made of iron tubes in serpentine shape and welded together with properly spaced iron wires.

The compressor compresses the gas refrigerant into high-heat and high-pressure gas refrigerant. It passes through the condensing coils and condenses to liquid refrigerant. During the process, heat is dissipated into the atmosphere.

There are three types of condensing unit. The evaporative type condensing unit, the air cooled type condensing unit, and the water cooled type condensing unit.

Evaporative type - The coil assembly of an evaporative type is housed inside a steel housing with four feet. Blowers force the air through the coils and discharges on the top of the unit.

Air-cooled Type - The coils of an air cooled unit are housed inside a steel housing with open top and bottom. The coils are cooled by the circulation of the natural air.

Water-cooled Type - The coils of a water cooled unit is housed inside a cylinder. Water enters through the inlet pipe, make circulation inside the coils, and discharges towards the outlet pipe.

The condensing units are further classified as the finned static type, the plate static type, the wire static type, convection type, and the finned forced convection type.

Finned-static Type - The coils of a finned static type are held together by very thin fins just like the evaporator. The fins provide more area to transmit heat into the atmosphere.

Plate-static Type - The coils of a plate static type are sandwiched in a rectangular steel casing, with four footings for fastening the unit.

Wire-static Type - The coils of a wire static type are held together by straight steel wires, forming a rectangular shape. Four steel plates are clipped to the coil for fastening purposes.

Convection Type - The coils of a convection type are enclosed in a steel box housing. A fan is attached in the center to force the air through the coils.

Finned-forced Convection Type – Is a convection type condensing unit with a fan forcing the air into the coils to cool the unit.

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