The Magnificient Evaporator!

Evaporator – Of a two-door no-frost refrigerators are made of coils of aluminum tubing. They can be found under, or at the back of the freezer compartment.

This aluminum coils absorb the heat inside the freezer and refrigerator compartment, and changing the liquid refrigerant into gas. We call this evaporation.

Evaporator Coil

Above is a picture of two-door no-frost refrigerator evaporating coil.

It is this part of the system that the liquid refrigerant is turned into gas by the absorption of heat. The coils can be classified into two types, the flooded type and the dry type.

The flooded type uses an accumulator above the coil to store the liquid refrigerant, so that the accumulator is always full.

Freezer Evaporator

The dry type is not really dry, except that the system only allow enough liquid refrigerant mist to enter the coils, and to be completely evaporated when it reaches the end of the tube. The refrigerant leaves the tube in gas form, we call it in a dry state.

Since the coils are made of aluminum, caution must be made every time you defrost your refrigerator. Don’t use ice pick to chip off the ice, sometimes we puncture the coils,

and aside from being very delicate to repair the puncture hole, you have to remove the whole freezer housing in order to expose the coils. This kind of repair is very costly, sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new unit. We don’t want this kind of trouble.

Car Evaporator

Evaporating coils have different size and shape. We have the finned type where the aluminum fins are packed very closely together into the tubes. The aluminum fins increase the heat transfer very effectively.

Above is a selection of car evaporators. They are installed in front of the squirrel caged fan inside the passenger compartment.

Shell Type Evaporator

Then we have the shell type. Where the coils are embedded or wrap around the aluminum freezer housing. We also have the wall type, where the coils are placed on the walls of the freezer housing. Lastly, we have the shelf type, where the units are stack up one after the other like a shelf. An example of a freezer coils can be seen above.

Split Type  Evaporator

Above is an evaporating coil of a split type home air conditioner.

This is a finned type coil and it absorbs the heat of a room very efficiently. The unit is installed on top of a squirrel caged fan, it is also called a blower, but technically it is called a sirocco fan.

The fan has the same width with the evaporator, and both are housed in a plastic housing with the electronic circuit control board.

As long as your unit is running continuously, and is given a scheduled preventive maintenance, it is going to serve you for a long time.

But as soon as you stop operating the unit, and put it into a warehouse, the coil will develop pin holes. At least operate it once every week for an hour. Just a reminder to all you owners!

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