Filter Dryers

Filter-dryer – is a device used to trap the moisture, small metal chips, and dirt, in the refrigerant from entering the system which can restrict the free flow of refrigerant into the expansion valve. Every time a repair work is carried out in your refrigerator or freezer, it must be replaced with a new one.

The picture on the right showed us two types of filter-dryer;the one on the left is for the "flared tube connection", you must use flaring tools to install it; and the one on the right is for "brazing connection", and you must use a torch to solder the joints on order to connect it.

You can buy filter/dryer with or without Silica gel. The Silica gel absorbs and traps the moisture inside the system effectively; it also traps the dirt and metal chips at the same time and prevents it from entering the expansion valve.

Filter Dryers

These filter/dryers are used in air conditioner. You can see that their size is bigger compared to the ones use by the refrigerators and freezers. The reason for this is that the compressor of an air conditioning unit operates at high speed, and the flow of refrigerant is also big, that is why we need a larger filter/dryer in order to accommodate the volume.

This filter also comes in two types. One for the "flare tube connection", and the other one is for the "brazing connection". My personal preference is the brazing connection, because when the air conditioner is running, it produces a lot of vibration. There is a chance, in the long run that the flared connection will become loose, and a leak will happen. Therefore, by brazing the joints, we stand a good chance of avoiding the refrigerant leak problem.

Always tie the filter to a strong support using plastic tie-wrap to prevent untoward breaking of the joints. Or you can use sealing gum underneath the filter and secure it firmly. You can also use clamps and secure it on the flooring plate.

Every time the system is disconnected because there is a leak, or you have replaced a new compressor, a new filter-dryer must be installed. By so doing you can avoid unnecessary problem which may arise in the future, like suddenly the refrigerator or the air conditioner is not producing enough cold. Or you can see icing on your evaporator. It is because the filter is dirty and the refrigerant cannot pass through. It’s not too much work to replace one, and the part is cheap, so replace it.

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