How to choose the right Air Conditioner
and How to Install them!

Choosing the right air conditioner for you!

How to choose the right size airconditioning unit that can cool my room and does not burn a hole in my pocket!

airconditioning unit that can cool my room and does not burn a hole in my pocket!

It's always a good idea if we know exactly what we want. So... window-6

Before buying a new airconditioner, we must first find out what type of airconditioner we want. Is it a window type, or a split-type. We must also find out the size of your room, and where the unit will be installed?

How to choose a unit that will fit your need?


First, find out the size of the air conditioner in term of BTU (British Thermal Unit)according to your room size.

Have a calculator handy, and let us let do a little calculation.

1)Volume of your room in cubic feet = multiply the length


of your room x height x width, and we have the volume of your room.

2)Site = Find out which side of your room is exposed to the sun light, is it the east? West? North? or south? If it is east, we have a given value of 17, if it is west, the value is 20, if it is north, the value is 16, and if it is south, the value is 18.


3)Insulation = Now, how good is the insulation of your room? Is it poor? give it a 4, is it good, give it a 5, is it excellent? give it a 6.

4)BTU = Multiply the room volume by the given value for the site; select one, (East=17, West=20, north= 16, south=18); and divide the result by the choice of insulation, (4, 5, or 6) = the result is the size of the air

Insulation 1

conditioner that you will need in BTU/hr.

For example: Your room is 3-meter (9.84 feet)wide, 4-meter (13.12 feet) long, and 2.5-meter (8.2 feet) high.

Room volume = Multiply 9.84 x 13.12 x 8.2 = 1,058.62 cubic feet.

Installation 2

BTU = 1,058.62 x 17(facing east) devided by 5 = 3,599.30 Btu.

1 hp = 2545 Btu/hr. Divide 3599.3 by 2545 = 1.41 hp. We need a 1-1/2 Hp unit for our calculation.

We can also use 3.39 Btu per cubic feet for our calculation.

Installation 3

How to install an airconditioning unit

The unit must be installed in the middle of a room, 1 meter to 1.5 meter above floor level. Too low, or too high, will result in uneven cooling.

Installation 4

It must be installed balance (in the middle) as much as possible. But If it is installed 3 to 4 inches protruding into the room, brackets must be installed correctly on the outside. See to it that the fan does not touch the metal.
Tip the air-conditioner slightly, so that the condensate water will flow freely outside.

A plastic hose must be connected to the drain pipe at the back, and guide the hose into a proper drainage.
Running the condensate on the side walk will form green algae.
Give periodic preventive maintenance to your airconditioner. With some understanding in the refrigeration cycle, knowing the individual components inside it, and some basic tools in your garage, you might just be able to fix the airconditioner yourself and save a lot of money from it!

Follow the tips above, and you will have an air conditioner that will cool your room efficiently and cost effectively. Stay cool!

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