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Refrigeration-fan-motors are divided into two categories. The fan motor for the freezers and refrigerators, and the fan motor for the air conditioners. The freezer fan motor is used to force the compartment air through the evaporator coils, until it produces freezing temperature. This type of fan has a single speed.

Freezer Fan Motor

The fan motor for the air conditioners are used to force the air into the condenser coils in order dissipate the heat into the atmosphere and to bring down its temperature rapidly; and it sucks in the warm air in the room and forces its way through the evaporator coils where the heat is being removed.

Fan Motor

The fan of the condenser is made of plastic and has an outside ring built into it. It is called a slinger ring, because it slings-shots the condensed water into the condenser coils so that it will be evaporated. This prevents water from dripping into the room. When removing this fan, always make a mark, so that it can be returned to its original position.

Condenser Slinger

The fan of the evaporator is in the form of a squirrel cage, hence it is called a squirrel cage fan, sometimes they are called blower, or sirocco fan. It draws air from the room and forces it through the evaporator coils where heat is removed; and the moisture content in the air is collected in the filter before being blown to the room, that is where dehumidification takes place.

Squirrel Caged 1

Air conditioner fan motors are permanent-start-capacitor (PSC) electric motor. It came in two-speed and three-speed types. It needs a capacitor in order to run. The electrical terminals of a fan motor are: Common (C), Auxiliary (A), High (H), Medium (M), and Low (L).


A refrigeration-fan-motor can be operated for a long time without paying attention to it. But as long as you are providing the necessary preventive maintenance to your air conditioner unit and both the fans are cleaned properly, then we won’t be having any problem for it as far as the operation is concerned.

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