How to do preventive maintain on your air conditioner properly!


Air conditioner preventive maintenance – The main objective of a preventive maintenance is to avoid the failure of an appliance, and extend the working life of it.

A well maintained airconditioner unit will provide us trouble-free cooling for a long period of time. The unit’s efficiency is high and the energy cost is reasonable. Just like every other appliances we have in our home, it needs a periodic maintenance.

Pressure Washer

Here are the steps to be taken in providing maintenance to an air conditioning unit:

1) Install the water pressure washer unit. Test it if it is working properly.

2) Unplug the unit from the power supply. Don’t forget to do this, because it is very important!

3) Remove the front plastic cover by unclipping it on both sides, or remove any fastening screws if applicable.

Supply Cord

4) Separate the unit from its casing by pulling the front base pan towards you. When it is half way out, put a piece of strong flat chair beneath it, so that you can rest the unit on it before transporting.

5) Take the airconditioner unit to your backyard, and put it down on a cement floor with two pieces of wooden sticks under the base pan. A 2”X2”X24” wooden stick will do just fine.

Installing Aircon

6) Remove the Philip metal screws from the steel bracket holding the evaporator and the condenser together.

7) Swing the evaporator outward around 6 inches on one side while maintaining pivot on the other side, to provide room for removing the squirrel cage fan. Be careful in doing this; don’t bend the copper tubes too much.

Washing Aircon

8) Do the same for the condenser, so that there will be enough room to remove the fan blade. If you can clean the fan blade without removing it, please do so.

9) Seal the compressor, electric wiring and capacitor with plastic bag to make them water-tight.

Squirrel Caged

10) Adjust the pressure of your water sprayer, or increase the distance between the sprayer nozzle and the unit to be washed. We prefer an angle spray pattern during spraying. Not a solid stream.

11) Spray clean with water and apply soap on both fans.

Condenser Slinger

Clean the front plastic cover thoroughly. Drip dry.

12) Spray rinse the condenser with water first, be careful not to damage the aluminum fins when spraying. Install soap-can to your sprayer, spray the unit to rid of oil and grease.

Let it stand for 5 minutes before final rinsing with

Brushing Grills

water. Visually check the aluminum fins if they are really clean.

Any dirt from the fins must be completely removed. If the fins are bent, use a flat-nose plier to straighten them out, or better still, use an air conditioner fin-comb and straighten them out carefully front and back.

Window 8

13) Do the same for the evaporator unit.

14) Check if the drain is clear of any object. Now is the time to clean it.

15) Reverse assemble the unit. See to it that everything is back where they belong.

16) Clean the housing first before assembling the unit. Check for loose holding screws. Correct if necessary.

17) Spray clean the filter and put it back into the front plastic cover. And when the airconditioner is in place, cover it securely.

18) Plug the cable and test the fan if it is free. If there is no fan-touching-metal sound, the unit is ready for operation.

Make a maintenance schedule chart and place it near the air conditioning unit. Do it once a month religiously if it is very dirty, and once every three months if it is not so dirty.

Follow this maintenance schedule and you will have a trouble-free air conditioning to enjoy for a long-long time!

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