Simple Freezer Preventive Maintenance Guide!

Freezer preventive maintenance - The main objective of a preventive maintenance is to avoid the failure of an appliance, and extend the working life of it.

Just like his big brother, the air conditioner, it works very-very hard too. This appliance may be an upright or a chest type, they preserve our fresh fish and meat up to a month.

That is why as a token of appreciation, we are going to provide a scheduled monthly preventive maintenance for it so that it is going to be with us for a very long time.

Here are some simple steps of preventive maintenance everyone can do:

1) Unplug power cord from the wall outlet.

2) Remove all the stuffs inside the unit, and put it aside.

3) Use a bucket of water and rinse the ice. Scoop the water out of the box.

4) Clean the inside of the unit using clean water, and follow it up with soap water, and then clean water again. Map dry with dry clothes.

5) If your unit has a two sliding glass on top, clean it with soap water, drip dry, then map dry with dry clothes.

6) Check for broken glass corner strips. Replace broken ones using glass silicon adhesive.

7) If your unit is a single-door, or a two-door type, clean them thoroughly as well.

8) Soap clean the unit's outer body. Don’t use abrasive clothes because you might scratch the paint surface finish.

9) Open the compressor side cover. Clean the inside of dust, dirt and oil.

10) Check fan blade for alignment, if it is out of line, replace with a new one. A bad fan blade will produce vibrations and noise. It will destroy the fan motor shaft bearings if it is not replaced with a good one.

11) If your unit defrost by itself, check out the thermostat, the trouble is most probably there.

12) Don’t leave the unit door open for a long time. This will give the compressor extra work to do. Energy conservation must be observed!

13) Return side cover. Plug the power cord to the wall outlet.

14) Return all the goodies that were earlier removed from the freezer. Your unit is now good as new.

Do this once a month. If the accumulation of ice is very thick that it runs on top of the lid. Defrost it immediately. Remember, gap like this will cost you more energy bill than you can imagine. Record you maintenance and put it at the back of the unit. Follow it religiously. Isn’t that easy?

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