Evaporative-cooler is an air conditioner using water as the medium to provide cool and humidified air into a room. It uses the principle of forcing air through a wet evaporative pad and into a room. The unit includes a water pump, an electric fan, or blower, depending on the design, an exhaust, and a bottom water reservoir.

During operation, the water is drawn by the water pump into the water distributor on top of the pad, and the water wet the evaporative pad, and the air is forced by the electric fan to the evaporative pad and into the room; therefore, the discharged air contain moisture from the water, and providing some sort of cooling effect.

Ancient cooling towers installed on top of the roof, has a wind scoop to catch wind. The hot dry air is then pass through wet cell pads on the sides, picking up water vapor and the cool air circulates the house. A 15 to 20 gallon tank of water is kept full, and the water pump distribute water into the cell pads continuously.

Some modern day houses install evaporative cooler on top of their roof. The design of the unit is pretty much the same except instead of an electric fan with three fan blades, it uses a big blower to suck in large quantity of hot air, the treated air is then forced into the house, and the excess air is discharged into the exhaust air duct into the roof.

Small to medium scale industrial buildings also use evaporative coolers to cool their buildings, because they are more economical and easy to install compared to the centralized air conditioning system. The coolers are installed outside the building, usually on a building wall, on a floor level. It is easier to clean, maintain, and repair the unit.

Portable coolers can be found in large houses and industrial buildings too. These coolers have exhaust tubes on their back side and should be brought outside the building. Water must be replenish from time to time to keep it working correctly. A squirrel caged blower is used on this type of coolers.

The evaporative-cooler must be clean periodically, attention must be given to the cleanliness of the evaporative pad. It must be free from dirt and dust and mud. The fan or blower motor will burn if the pads are clogged or very dirty. Happy cooling!

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