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brings you the latest addition to the field of air-conditioning.In this issue we will explore the actual hands-on of...

  1. Trouble-shooting a split-type cassette air conditioner.
  2. How to repair it correctly according to manufacturer's specifications.

Trouble shooting - When your split-type cassette air conditioning unit is not providing good cooling, but the indoor and the outdoor unit is running normally, we would like to check if there is enough refrigerant in the system, or if the compressor is weak. Remove the philips metal screws of the cover, remove the cover and put it aside.

Using your clamp meter, clamp one of the power supply cable going to the compressor, and get its reading. If the reading is a little bit below the manufacturer's specification, then the compressor is okey. Hook up the gauge manometer, and check the reading on the compound gauge. If the pressure is below the specification, then we are low on refrigerant.

Repair - Hook up the refrigerant cylinder into the gauge manifold and the suction service valve of the condenser unit. Purge the yellow hose of air, and while the compressor is running, slowly charge the system with the correct refrigerant. Look into the name plate of the unit, you will find all the specifications you need.

Watch the ampere reading on your clamp meter and watch the compound gauge reading at the same time. Continue charging until you have reached the specified running current reading, and the correct amount of psig on the compound gauge needle. When charging refrigerant, open blue hand valve of 5 seconds and then close for 3 minutes. Do this until you have the right psig reading.

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